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Melissa Pahl, owner of Twenty MarketingAre you trying to get more exposure to the opportunities for living, working and playing in your community?

Whether that’s featuring the land and incentives in your business park, the redevelopment vision for your downtown or promoting popular tourist activities, leveraging the internet can get you more exposure, for a longer duration of time, than traditional marketing efforts.

Your old marketing collateral served it’s purpose but it’s time to bring that content up-to-date and into the digital era. People just aren’t “sending away for brochures” anymore. They are spending time looking around online and will call your office if they like what they see online.

Get your community up on the world’s largest visual platform – YouTube!

YouTube has over 1 Billion users. The number of hours people are watching YouTube each month is up 50% year over year. Cable TV is in trouble and YouTube is poised to make even more massive growth and you can take advantage of that.

That’s why we do what we do. We create YouTube videos for communities that share opportunities to live, work and play there.

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